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How Bionic business electricity comparison works

How Bionic Works

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How Bionic Works

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How Bionic Works

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Switching business electricity is more complicated than switching domestic energy. That's why 75% of business owners say they'd sooner speak to someone to get their questions answered. Our tech-enabled experts are on hand to help business owners just like you.

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Business electricity prices are calculated with many ‘moving parts’, like standing charges, unit rates, and other fees. We’ll help you look behind the headline figures to see which deals will result in savings for your business.

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Why accept the first price you’re given? As the UK’s market leader for business electricity comparison, we get exclusive rates from our panel of trusted UK energy suppliers, and can tailor prices to suit your business’s needs.

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Bionic has a dedicated team who manage your old and new suppliers to save you the hassle. When we talk, we can make sure all the details are exactly right so your new contract is more likely to go live smoothly.

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Proactive comparison for your next contract

Bionic’s Digital Renewal service makes everything much quicker and easier when it’s time to sort your next energy contract. We’ll proactively do your next comparison for you, and share it by email. You then choose the deal you want online, and we’ll take care of everything else for you.


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Bionic is a one-stop shop for business electricity, business insurance, business connectivity (phone line and broadband), and business finance (loans). Save yourself time and hassle by getting all your business products sorted in one place. Just one name to remember for any of your essential services.

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What is business electricity?

Business electricity is simply electricity that is supplied solely for business use. Although business electricity comes from the same sources as home electricity (and even from the same supplier, in some cases), the way commercial energy deals are structured makes switching a little trickier.

That’s why it makes sense to get the help of Bionic’s tech-enabled experts.

We’ll compare business electricity prices in minutes and talk you through the options on our panel to make sure you’re on the very best deal for your business. This is especially important when signing a new energy contract as, unlike domestic tariffs, business energy deals don’t come with a cooling-off period.

How business electricity pricing works

Business electricity prices can be volatile, sometimes changing daily. That’s why it makes sense to lock your rates in with a fixed-rate deal.

Business electricity suppliers base their pricing on the size of your business size and its electricity consumption. Although the unit rates you pay might be cheaper than domestic deals, VAT on business energy is charged at the higher rate of 20%.

But there are some exceptions. If you use more than 33kWh of business electricity a day (that’s 1,000 kWh per month), then you’ll be eligible for the reduced rate of 5% VAT. Your business will also qualify for the lower 5% VAT rate if it is a charitable or non-profit organisation, or if at least 60% of your business’s energy is used for non-business purposes (this is probably most applicable for those working from home).

You may also need to pay other fees, such as the Climate Change Levy, Renewable Obligation, and the Feed-In Tariff. For more details, check out our guide to guide to understanding business energy bills.

How does business electricity differ from domestic electricity?

One of the first differences you’ll notice between business electricity and home electricity deals is that there’s no default option to double-up with your supplier and take out a dual fuel deal. But if your supplier offers business gas alongside business electricity, there’s nothing stopping you from using the same supplier for both.

Business energy contracts also usually last longer than domestic deals. While most households will be offered a one-year fixed contract, business owners can lock rates in for up to five years. Although business electricity deals offer less flexibility when it comes to switching (there’s rarely an early-termination option), locking your rates in for longer is a great way to protect against energy price hikes.

Business Electricity FAQs

To help you understand more about switching business electricity, here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.