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How Bionic business broadband comparison works

How Bionic Works

No long forms

Start a business phone and broadband comparison with just your postcode. We use secure smart data to find the details we need to run your quote.

How Bionic Works

We’ll do the comparison for you

Once we know more about what your business needs from its business phone and broadband, we’ll compare quotes from our panel of trusted UK suppliers.

How Bionic Works

We’ll talk you through the quotes

One of our experts will explain the quotes on screen and answer any questions. You choose the deal you like best, and we’ll handle the switch for you.

Your Bionic comparison is free.

If you decide to switch, we’ll be paid a commission by the new supplier that is included in the prices we quote.

Why it’s better to talk

If you’ve not switched business phone and broadband for a year or so, you could be paying too much for your calls and getting left behind with slow internet speeds. But comparing deals can be tricky, especially if you’re not sure of the exact speeds you need. Bionic will cut through the jargon and talk you through your options to find the best deal from our panel.

A package to suit your exact needs

Although most businesses benefit from Superfast and Ultrafast Fibre, our agents always offer tailored recommendations based on your exact needs.

Don’t overpay for speed you don’t need

We check the actual speed you’ll receive at your premises, rather than relying on a supplier marketing headline, so there are no unwanted surprises.

Future-proof your business for fast growth

Talk to our experts about unrivalled connectivity options with your very own leased line with exclusive bandwidth dedicated solely for your business.

All part of the service with Bionic


Fixed price promise, unlimited packages

We have exclusive deals with our panel of suppliers who will never increase the price of your broadband and phone line during the life of your contract. We only sell unlimited broadband packages, and have special unlimited everything packages, so you never need to worry about extra charges.


Sort all your business essentials in one place

Bionic is a one-stop shop for business energy, business insurance, business connectivity (phone line, broadband, VoIP and mobile), and business finance (loans). Save yourself time and hassle by getting all your business products sorted in one place. Just one name to remember for any of your essential services.

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Why should I change my phone and broadband package?

Effective communication is essential for all businesses. And a reliable phone and broadband connection is essential for effective communication, whether you're telling customers about a new service, managing reservations, or simply keeping office workers in the loop.

But if you haven’t switched your business broadband and business phoneline contracts in a while, then your current systems could be well out of date. This means you’re probably paying over the odds for your phone calls and your broadband speeds won’t be giving you bang for your buck.

And if you're getting by with a domestic broadband deal, you’re missing out on priority customer support, enhanced security, more reliable download speeds and better upload speeds.

When you compare business phone and broadband deals with Bionic, we’ll cut through the jargon and talk you through your options to find the best deal.

What business phone and broadband providers does Bionic work with?

At Bionic, we work with the following panel of trusted business phone and broadband providers to ensure you get reliable connectivity and great service alongside competitive rates.

Which business telecoms deals can I switch with Bionic?

With more ways than ever to stay in touch, the array of options can be confusing. That’s why our tech-enabled experts will help you compare business broadband, business phone lines, business SIM-only deals, and business VoIP. We’ll ditch the jargon to make sure you understand exactly what each package has to offer.

Business broadband

If you haven’t switched business broadband for a year or so, you could be paying too much money for too little speed. But it can be hard to know where to start when comparing business broadband. Bionic will cut through the jargon and talk you through your options to find the best deal.

You can choose to bundle your broadband with a business phone line or VoIP package or take out a business broadband only deal – the choice is always yours.

Business phone line

Every business knows the importance of being connected to the outside world, but have you ever stopped to consider whether your business phone line services are suited to your needs?

Do you really need a dedicated business phone, or will a domestic phone line do the trick? A phone line is a phone line, after all, but the reality is that a dedicated business landline is often more cost-effective and will offer several additional services that can really help your business.

Business SIM-only deals

A business SIM only deal works much like a normal business mobile contract in that it offers a package of minutes, text messages and data for a fixed monthly cost, but it doesn’t include the cost of a new device. That’s why it’s called SIM only.

Don’t make the mistake of staying on an expensive contract when you could save money by switching to a SIM only deal. Get in touch with Bionic’s tech-enabled experts to compare business SIM only deals.

Business VoIP

VoIP allows you to make voice calls over an internet connection, for a faster, more reliable, cheaper and future-proof way to stay connected. Why is it future proof? You may not have heard, but the analogue phone system will be completely switched off by 2025, which means everyone who needs a landline will have to switch to VoIP.

If you’re worried about connection speeds, VoIP will work fine at speeds of just 1-2Mbps. Get ahead of the competition and switch to business VoIP now.

Business connectivity FAQs

To help you understand more about switching business phone and broadband with Bionic, here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What’s the difference between a home broadband and phone package and one for business?

Although both supply the same internet connections via the same cables, business broadband packages offer much better technical support than home broadband packages. When you sign up for a business broadband deal, you can expect the following:

  • Prioritised customer service and business-specific service-level agreements
  • More reliable download speeds and better upload speeds
  • A static IP address (making your connection more reliable)
  • Enhanced security
  • Access to additional phone services, including VOIP

How much does a business broadband and phone package cost?

This all depends on the speeds you need and the number of people that will be using your phone and broadband at once – the more people you need online and on the phone at any one time, the more you’ll pay.

We offer a range of business broadband packages that come with no download limits, and business phone deals that offer unlimited calls. You could save even more money by combining the two with one of our unlimited everything packages.

Is it better to get a package deal or to buy broadband and phone services individually?

Each business has different needs, so while a combined package might be best for one, it might not be the most suitable for another. Speak to our tech-enabled experts to find the best connectivity solution for your business.

Can I switch mid-contract?

You can switch your broadband and phone services mid-contract, but you may be subject to an early termination fee with your existing provider. Speak to one of our experts who will be able to advise on the best option for you.

I don’t need a landline. Can I get a broadband and VoIP package instead?

Yes. You can get a broadband and VoIP package to make calls instead of using a landline. VoIP is simply an alternative to a landline, whereby calls are made over an internet connection instead of the traditional copper cables that have been in use for decades.

It’s worth making the switch to business VoIP sooner rather than later, as the copper phone cables will no longer be in use from 2025 and are already being switched off in some areas.

What should I look for to get the best broadband and phone package deal?

What makes the best business phone and broadband package will depend upon the needs of your business, but look out for the following when comparing business phone and broadband packages:

  • Priority customer support and priority network connection at peak times
  • Unlimited data and calls
  • An inclusive business VoIP line for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Enhanced security features to protect your systems from hackers and viruses when you're online and protect you from infected flash drives
  • A static IP address and web hosting capabilities
  • A memorable phone number for your business at your request

Speak to our tech-enabled experts to find out more and tailor your perfect business phone and broadband package.

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