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When is the best time to compare business gas tariffs?

If you’re on a fixed-term energy deal, whereby you sign up with a supplier for a set period of time, you won’t be able to compare deals and sign up to a new one until your current one is in its ‘switching window’ - this is usually between one and six months before your contract’s end date.

Once your deal enters this phase, you can compare business gas deals and switch, but you won’t actually be transferred to your new supplier until your current contract ends. It often makes sense to switch early and lock your low rates, while making sure a new contract is in place so your current supplier can’t roll you onto its more expensive rates. For more information, check out our guide on the best time to switch business energy suppliers.

When you switch with Bionic, there’s no need to keep an eye on your renewal window - we’ll let you know when your current contract is due to end and find another great deal to replace it with, year after year. Find out more at the Bionic Digital Renewal service page.

How Bionic business gas comparison works

How Bionic Works

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How Bionic Works

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Once we know more about the needs of your business, we'll compare quotes and exclusive deals from our panel of trusted UK suppliers.

How Bionic Works

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If you decide to switch, we’ll be paid a commission by the new supplier that is included in the prices we quote.

Why it’s better to talk

Switching business energy is more complicated than switching domestic energy. That's why 75% of business owners say they'd sooner speak to someone to get their questions answered. Our tech-enabled experts are on hand to help business owners just like you.

Look behind headline savings figures

Business energy prices are calculated with many ‘moving parts’, like standing charges, unit rates, and other fees. We’ll help you look behind the headline figures to see which deals will result in savings for your business.

Tailor your price

Why accept the first price you’re given? As the UK’s market leader for business energy comparison, we get exclusive rates from our panel of trusted UK energy suppliers, and can tailor prices to suit your business’s needs.

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Bionic has a dedicated team who manage your old and new suppliers to save you the hassle. When we talk, we can make sure all the details are exactly right so your new contract is more likely to go live smoothly.

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Proactive comparison for your next contract

Bionic’s Digital Renewal service makes everything much quicker and easier when it’s time to sort your next energy contract. We’ll proactively do your next comparison for you, and share it by email. You then choose the deal you want online, and we’ll take care of everything else for you.


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Bionic is a one-stop shop for business energy, business insurance, business connectivity (phone line and broadband), and business finance (loans). Save yourself time and hassle by getting all your business products sorted in one place. Just one name to remember for any of your essential services.

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Bionic provides the business switching services for many well known brands

When looking for the best business gas prices, it’s worth knowing what rates similar-sized businesses are paying for their energy.

To get an idea of how much your business should be paying for gas, check out the table below:

Business sizeAverage price (per kWh) Standing charge (daily)
Micro business3.9p - 4.5p25.0p - 37.0p
Small business3.8p - 4.5p25.0p - 45.0p
Medium business3.4p - 4.2p25.0p - 61.0p

Prices may vary according to your meter type and business location. Standing charge and unit rates based on businesses that switched or renewed gas and electricity with Bionic between January 2021 and March 2021.

Remember, the price you pay for business gas will be affected by a range of factors, including:

  • The location of your premises
  • How much gas you use and when you use it
  • The number of people you employ
  • The energy efficiency of your workplace

Rates are also impacted by other factors that are completely out of your control, such as fluctuations in wholesale prices, which can be particularly volatile.

That’s why it’s important to run a thorough business gas comparison before signing up to a new deal with your current supplier or a different one.

When you switch business gas with Bionic, we’ll use smart tech and human know-how to help find the best deal for your business from our panel of trusted suppliers.

Before you run an energy comparison, it’s also worth knowing how much energy your business uses. You can then compare your figures to the averages below to help work out whether you might need to think of ways to cut your consumption.

Here are the average annual business gas usage figures:

Business sizeAverage gas usage (kWh per year)
Micro business 10,000
Small business25,000
Medium business45,000

If your business uses more than 55,000 kWh of gas a year, suppliers will class you as a large business and handle your supply differently. To find out more, check out our guide to large business energy and give our tech-enabled energy experts a call on 0800 077 3701.

SupplierContract typeTerm duration on offer
British GasFixed1-3 year
BG LiteFixed1-5 year
British Gas PlusFixed1-3 year
CNGFixed1-4 year
CrownFixed1-3 year
EDFFixed1-4 year
GazpromFixed1-5 year
Opus EnergyFixed1-4 year
Octopus EnergyFixed1-3 year
Scottish PowerFixed1-3 year
SSEFixed1-3 year
TotalFixed1-5 year
Valda EnergyFixed1-3 year

Green business gas is produced using environmentally sustainable sources – such as plants or animal waste. But while many suppliers now offer 100% green electricity as standard, environmentally friendly gas production technology isn’t quite as advanced, which means green gas deals are much more difficult to come by.

As things stand, green business gas is only available in certain parts of Great Britain, so your ability to switch to green gas will depend on the location of your business. This means that environmentally friendly gas production isn’t always an option - while solar and wind farms are located right across the UK, your ability to switch to green gas will depend on where your business is located.

This, along with the regional variation in energy prices, is why we take your postcode before running an energy comparison.

If green gas isn’t an option for your business, you could choose a supplier that supports environmental projects and sustainable energy in other ways. To find out more, check out our guide to renewable business energy and speak to our tech-enabled experts to find out more. If green gas isn’t an option, you could switch to a supplier that supports environmental projects and sustainable energy in other ways.

When you switch business gas suppliers with Bionic, we’ll handle all the fiddly admin for you and let both your old and new gas suppliers know what’s happening.

Your new supplier will then get in touch with details of when the tariff changeover will take place, along with your agreed payment methods and dates. Remember, unlike domestic deals, business energy switching doesn’t offer a cooling-off period, so it’s important to properly check that all the details on your business energy contract are correct before you sign anything. If you’re unsure about anything, our energy experts are on hand to help.

The only thing left for you to do is give your old supplier a meter reading on the day of the switch, so they can send you an accurate final bill. It’s important you give your old supplier this reading to make sure you only pay for the energy you’ve used with them. If not, they may still bill you even though you're with another supplier, meaning you’ll be billed twice for using the same energy.

And that’s all there is to it - there’s no need for any drilling or digging at your workplace as the gas will be supplied through the existing pipes, and so long as you have a standard meter in place there should be no need to replace that either.

To compare business energy prices and switch to a better deal, enter your postcode in the box below or give our tech-enabled experts a call on 0800 860 6833.

Business Gas FAQs

To help you understand more about switching business gas, here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

The cost of your business gas bills can be affected by any number of things, from the location of your business premises to the number of staff you employ and, obviously, the amount of gas you use.

To give you a rough idea of how much you should be paying, here are the average annual gas bills for SMEs:

  • Microbusinesses pay an average of £430 a year
  • Small businesses pay an average of £856 a year
  • Medium-sized businesses pay an average of £1,424 a year

Each business uses energy differently, so the figures above should only be used as a guide when working out the rates you should be paying. Speak to the energy experts at Bionic and we’ll find a business gas tariff that suits the exact needs of your business.

If your gas bills are too high, an overpriced tariff might not be the only reason - you might simply be using too much energy. This could be down to bad habits - such as leaving the heating on too high - or the fact that your business premises isn’t as energy efficient as it should be.

To give you a rough idea of how much gas you should be using, here are the average annual gas consumption figures SMEs

  • Microbusinesses use an average of 10,000 kWh a year
  • Small businesses use an average of 25,000 kWh a year
  • Medium-sized businesses use an average of 45,000 kWh a year

For more information, check out our guide to average business energy consumption.

When you switch business gas suppliers with Bionic, we’ll handle the whole thing for you from start to finish. This means that once you’ve chosen the deal you like from our list of quotes, we will:

  • Let both your old and new gas supplier know about the switch
  • Keep you informed of switching dates
  • Handle your renewals to give you one less thing to worry about

The only thing you’ll need to do is give your old supplier one last meter reading on the day of the switch, so they can send you an accurate final bill.

We can also help you cut your business electricity bills - give us a call to see how much you could save.

MPRN is a unique number for your gas meter. It will be up to 11 numbers in length and is used to identify the meter at your business premises.

You should be able to find your MPRN on your business gas bill under the "Details of charges/" heading.

You can also search online for your MPRN by entering your postcode at Find My Supplier or by calling the meter number helpline on 0870 608 1524. Simply tell them your business postcode and the first line of your address and they’ll let you know your MPRN and the name of your current gas supplier.

It’s unlikely that your gas meter will need replacing if it’s a standard meter. If you have a smart meter, you may need to switch meters if the one you have isn’t compatible with your new supplier. For more information, check out our guide to smart meters for business.

Although you can cut the cost of your business gas bills by being more energy efficient, commercial gas prices are affected by a number of factors, many of which are out of your control. Wholesale prices are the main driver behind the rates you pay, and these can be affected by problems with the supply chain and fluctuations in currency prices, along with regulator fees and government levies.

Even a cold winter can push up gas prices for business, as freezing temperatures increase demand.

The best way to protect your business from increasing gas prices is to lock in your rates with a fixed term contract - although your energy bills will still vary according to your usage, fixing your rates means the price you pay for each unit of gas you use will stay the same for the duration of your deal.

Most businesses pay the standard 20% VAT on gas, but you might qualify for the lower 5% rate if you run a charity or not-for-profit organisation. You might also qualify for a discount if you use less than 4,397kWh each month – if you’re not sure how much you use, you can find the exact figure on your latest bill.

If you qualify for the lower rate, ask your gas supplier for a VAT declaration form. Find out more about VAT and business energy in our guide to VAT for business gas and electricity.

Even if your gas is supplied by an IGT, there’s nothing stopping you from comparing gas prices and switching suppliers, but you might find your switch takes a bit longer and the deal you’re offered might not be as competitive as others.

This is because the costs involved in supplying and maintaining IGTs are relatively high, which means the standing charge is often higher. And when you compare gas quotes, the extra IGT charges won’t be included, so you’ll also have to factor these costs in on top of the rates you’re offered. It’s important to compare deals from a range of suppliers, as you might find some of the bigger providers will take on the IGT charges to get your custom.

The amount you can save by switching business gas depends upon the following factors:

  • The size of your business
  • The size of your business premises
  • The location of your business premises
  • The number of staff you employ
  • The overall energy efficiency of your business and premises

To find out how much money your business could save, give our tech enabled energy experts a call now on 0800 084 1911, and run a commercial gas comparison. We’ll find the right business gas quote for your business in a matter of minutes.

Business gas prices are always changing. The only way to make sure you’re on the best deal is to compare prices and switch. And remember, signing up to a new deal as soon as your switching window opens can help you lock in lower rates and beat any energy price rises.

Although business and domestic measurement units are the same, the tariffs are not. Business and domestic deals are very different in both cost and contract type.

Although business energy may appear more expensive, the rates offered are usually cheaper and bills only appear more expensive because VAT is charged at a standard rate of 20% on business gas and electricity, as opposed to 5% on domestic energy.

Microbusiness gas is simply a business gas deal that’s been designed for a microbusiness.

A micro business is one that has no more than 10 employees and a turnover of less than £1.7 million. Often suppliers can offer special rates for these kinds of enterprises.

The threshold for qualifying as a microbusiness are as follows, you must:

  • Consume less than 200,000 kWh of gas a year, or
  • Consume less than 55,000 kWh of electricity a year, or
  • Have fewer than ten employees (or their full-time equivalent) and an annual turnover or annual balance sheet total not exceeding € 2 million (£1.7 million).

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