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Why compare business gas prices?

If your business is cooking on gas, it can be easy to rack up costs with high energy bills, especially if your supplier has you on an expensive rate or tariff. That’s why it’s important to keep on top of your energy usage and costs and compare business gas prices to make sure you’re not getting overcharged.

It’s not all about the price though, and many businesses compare business gas suppliers and switch for a better level of service. At Bionic, we only work with trusted suppliers, so you can be sure of a great deal and a great service.

How to compare business gas prices?

Business energy comparison works a little differently to home energy comparison - unlike domestic energy deals, there are no standard ‘off-the-shelf tariffs’ for businesses, meaning all commercial contracts need to be designed to meet the specific needs of each individual business.

This means that to compare gas prices and find the best deal, you’ll either have to ring around each and every supplier yourself or go through the faff of dealing with a small independent broker.

Or you could contact the business gas or business essentials team at Bionic today to do all the hard work for you. We only need your business address postcode to get started and our tech-enabled experts will use smart data to find the right deal for your business. No unnecessary form-filling. No unnecessarily long phone calls. No faff.

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When is the best time to compare business gas prices?

If you’re on a fixed-term energy deal, whereby you sign up with a supplier for a set period of time, you won’t be able to compare deals and sign up to a new one until your current one is in its ‘renewal window’ - this is usually between one and six months before your contract’s end date.

When you switch with Bionic, there’s no need to keep an eye on your renewal window - we’ll let you know when your current contract is due to end and find another great deal to replace it with, year after year.

How much should your business gas costs be?

The cost of your business gas bills can be affected by lots of things, including the location of your premises and how much gas you typically use. The table below should give you a rough idea of the average amount you can expect to pay, according to the size of your business.

Business size Average price (per kWh) Standing charge (daily)
Micro business 4.1p - 4.5p 23p - 26p
Small business 3.8p - 4.0p 21p - 22p
Medium business 3.5p - 3.7p 18p - 20p

How much VAT do you pay on gas for business?

Most businesses pay the standard 20% VAT on gas, but you might qualify for the lower 5% rate if you run a charity or not-for-profit organisation, or if you use less than 4,397kWh each month – you can find this on your bill. If this is the case, ask your gas supplier for a VAT declaration form.

What happens when you switch your business gas supplier?

When you switch business gas suppliers with Bionic, we’ll let both your old and new gas supplier know what’s happening.

Your new supplier will then get in touch with details of when the changeover will take place, along with agreed payment methods and dates - remember, there’s no cooling-off period so it’s important to properly check that all the details are correct before you sign anything.

Your old supplier will then need a meter reading on the day of the switch, so they can send you an accurate final bill.

And that’s all there is to it - there’s no need for any drilling or digging at your workplace as the gas will be supplied through the existing pipes, and so long as you have a standard meter in place there should be no need to replace that either.

To compare business gas pricesand switch to a better deal, enter your postcode in the box below or give our tech-enabled experts a call on 0800 860 6833

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