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How to compare business gas prices with Bionic

We make business gas comparison simple. Our tech-enabled experts can find the right business gas deal with the right supplier in three simple steps:


Enter your postcode

As soon as we have your business postcode, our tech-enabled energy team will use smart data to get the info we need to run a business gas comparison.


Get your quotes

Compare quotes from our trusted panel of business gas suppliers. We’ll quickly talk you through the options and you choose the deal that’s best for your business.


Switch business gas

Once you’ve chosen the best business electricity deal for your business, we’ll handle the rest of the switch. When renewal time comes around again, we’ll compare business electricity rates to find the best deal for you - no faff.

Why compare business gas prices with Bionic?

If your business is cooking on gas, your energy costs can quickly escalate. Especially if your current supplier has you on an expensive tariff. That’s why it’s important to keep these costs under control by making sure you’re on the best available rates. And the only way to do this is to compare business gas prices from a range of suppliers.

But business gas comparison works a little differently to home energy comparison - unlike domestic energy deals, there are no standard ‘off-the-shelf tariffs’ for businesses, meaning all commercial gas contracts need to be designed to meet the specific needs of each individual business and its usage.

This means that to comprehensively compare gas prices and find the best deal, you must either ring around every supplier individually or go through the faff of dealing with a small independent energy broker.

Or you could get in touch with the tech enabled business energy experts at Bionic - we’ll do all the hard work of comparing rates to find you the best business gas deal from our panel of trusted suppliers. We only need your business name and postcode to get started, then our team can use smart data to find the right deal for your business. No unnecessary form-filling. No unnecessarily long phone calls.

But there’s more to switching gas suppliers than simply cutting your costs. Although finding the cheapest business gas is usually the main reason for running a business gas comparison, it’s also worth switching if you want a better level of service and customer service than that offered by your current supplier.

At Bionic, we only work with trusted business gas suppliers and providers, so you can be sure of a great deal and great service too.

How Bionic gets the best business gas rates

By working closely with our selected panel of top UK energy suppliers, we can find you the best business gas deals, tariffs and exclusive offers to meet the unique needs of your business.

We work with trusted business gas suppliers

We only work with trusted business gas suppliers who we’re sure can offer competitive rates alongside great customer service.

We negotiate exclusive business gas rates

By building a great relationship with our panel of trusted suppliers, we can negotiate exclusive business gas rates to save you money.

We proactively compare business electricity prices

To make sure you never overpay for energy again, we proactively compare prices and help you switch to a better deal, based on the specific needs of your business.

Business Gas FAQs

To help you understand more about switching business gas, here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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