How our service works

On this website, in our marketing, and on our calls we use some claims and statistics to explain our service, how it can be useful for businesses, and how we think it is different and better than our competitors. On this page we transparently share how we back-up those claims.


We seek the best outcomes for our customers

We do that by offering a service that helps small business decision makers choose a provider and product that meets their needs, and by providing access to exclusive prices from a vetted panel of high quality suppliers.

We are independant

We are independently owned and our supplier arrangements are designed to ensure that we provide independent access to products.

Our pricing is transparent

For standard energy contracts our agents will tell you the commission band that your new contract would fall within. If you want to know the exact commission we would earn from your new contract, please email and we will reply within 24 hours. On larger and more complex energy contracts our agents will discuss the exact commission with you.

How we charge for our service

The commission we receive from providers is included in the price you pay. This pays for our service, including comparison, switch management, customer service and renewals.

195+ business essentials experts

In October 2019 we employed 196 customer-facing product experts across Bionic Group (including our Smart, Think and BSI units)

Over 200,000 small businesses helped

Since our business started in 2007 (when it was called Make It Cheaper) we have helped 179,000 businesses. Our BSI unit has helped over 23,000 businesses, Smart have helped over 6,700 businesses, and Think have helped over 2,500 businesses - over 211,000 in total.

Tech-enabled human experts

We have invested heavily in technology to make our agents Bionic, including a new Salesforce-based business platform, and our ‘hybrid’ customer experience that combines the speed and convenience of digital with the clarity and trust of voice.

Our experts will do the hard work for you

As energy can be a significant cost for businesses, it is important to look for the best market prices every time your contract is up for renewal. Going direct to several providers can take significant time, but business energy comparison websites can leave you with unanswered questions. Our experts will understand your needs, and then use smart-tech to find a shortlist of deals for you to consider, in minutes, with no faff.

All your business essentials in one place

We think business essentials are those products that you just need to work to keep operating. We already offer electricity, gas, insurance, broadband, phone line, SIM only mobile and loans, and we’re working on others.


Never overpay for business energy again. We help you save, year after year

If customers sign-up to our ‘digital renewals’ service, we will proactively switch them to a new contract at renewal time, meaning they’ll never overpay by rolling onto a less competitive renewal quote.

81% of our energy customers choose digital renewals

Based on a 6 month rolling average from May to October 2019

We vet our energy providers, only working with those who deliver on quality and reliability and are financial robust

Before any energy supplier can join our panel,they are vetted by an 8 stage process, that covers everything from financials to customer centricity. This ensures we only work with energy providers that can offer our customers high quality products and services time and time again.

We compare business electricity tariffs from top UK suppliers

We work with 'big 6' energy suppliers, specialist business energy suppliers, and innovative new business energy suppliers, providing a choice of high quality options.

As market leader, we get exclusive business energy deals from our suppliers

We have close relationships with our panel of energy providers and are constantly working with them to develop new products and exclusive deals that mean we have right offers for our customers.

We are the market leader in SME energy

According to a report by energy industry analyst Cornwall Insight (Third Party Intermediaries in the Business & Industrial Energy Supply Markets: SME TPI profiles) from November 2019, Make it Cheaper (Bionic's old name) are equal first in the industry, based on a methodology that includes contracts, employees, shareholder funds and revenues.

All you need to start a quote is your business postcode

With your consent, we’ll search industry data from Electralink to retrieve your electricity or gas meter number, supplier and consumption, so you don’t have to find a bill, search for the relevant details, and type them into a form.

Get your business energy sorted in a short call

In November 2019, customers using our new screenshare call experience saw a quote in 4-5 minutes.

You can leave the switch to us

We have a dedicated customer service team of 11 experts (called ‘Live Rate’) whose job is to manage our customers’ switch to a new supplier and keep them informed.

Save an average of £1,305 on your business energy

Of Bionic customers who made a saving on a three-year business energy contract between January 2020 and May 2020, the average amount saved was £1,305.

Save up to £3,639 on business energy

At least 10% of Bionic customers who made a saving on a three-year business energy contract between January 2020 and May 2020 saved at least £3,639.

Energy prices have increased by 35% over the last 4 years

According to independent energy industry analysts Cornwall Insight, energy prices have increased by over 35% in the past 4 years. A large part of that increase is due to third party costs such as the Renewables Obligation, regeneration and FIT (Feed In Tariff) charges which make up to 60% of your bill.

Longer energy contracts allow you to lock-in prices

Locking in prices means you know what your business costs will be, which helps with planning. It reduces hassle, as you don’t have to go to market again soon. And, if you lock-in nice and early before your current contract expires, you’re more likely to go live with your chosen new supplier.


Get the correct business insurance cover for your unique needs

Our experts are incentivised and trained to work hard to understand your needs and find you the right provider and product to meet them. You can trust our processes because of our rigorous training program and our experts’ professional qualifications. We were shortlisted for the Insurance Times Awards’ ‘Excellence in Professional Development’ category in 2019.

We only work with trusted business insurers and providers

Our panel of trusted insurers and providers are vetted through our internal compliance team and our broking partner Bluefin who run diligence checks on FCA regulation, Companies House and financial stability.

We have sorted insurance for over 1,000 different types of business in the last 3 years

We assisted 1,018 ABI (Association Business Insurers) trade types with insurance since 2017.

We can match you with over 40 insurers

With over 40 insurers on our panel you can be confident we are working hard to match you with the right provider and policy for you

No hidden fees

We charge one flat fee to arrange a policy with us. We don’t charge cancellation fees or policy change fees.

Get your insurance policy quote in minutes

It takes our agents on average 20 minutes on a call with you to get a quote, with no need for meetings or long waits.

Save on average £264 on your business insurance

Of Bionic customers who made a saving on insurance between April - November 2019, the saving was on average £264.

Save up to £1,335.47 on business insurance

At least 10% of businesses who switched insurance supplier with us between September 2018 and September 2019 saved £1335.47 or more.


Get expert advice on business connectivity

We have dedicated and specialist telecoms agents (not an energy agent selling you broadband). We regularly meet with connectivity suppliers to explore new technology.

We vet our connectivity suppliers, only working with those who reliably deliver a quality connection and great customer service for SMEs

We vet potential suppliers against defined criteria around the quality of their products and customer service. We trial new suppliers on a 3 month basis, and if their service is not up to scratch we will remove them from the panel.

Never worry about unexpected charges ever again

We offer unlimited broadband, unlimited calls and unlimited mobile data options, so you never have to worry about unexpected charges ever again. We also offer a lifetime price guarantee with selected suppliers (except where wholesale line rental or call charges are increased by third parties such as Ofcom or Openreach).

We are a one stop shop for all your business connectivity needs

We don’t just offer the basics of phone line and broadband, but extra products to meet your needs e.g. customer Wi-Fi.

Save on average £228 on your business connectivity

Of Bionic customers who made a saving on broadband or phone line between October - November 2019, the saving was on average £228.

About Bionic

Since 2007 Bionic (previously called Make It Cheaper) have helped over 200,000 businesses in Britain save up to £3,639 on their business energy, up to £1,335.47 on their insurance costs, and on average £352 on their telecoms bills


in 2007


Over 200,000
businesses helped


Save up to £3,639
on business energy


We employ
over 195 experts