SmartestEnergy reviews, prices and tariffs

Although SmartestEnergy has been around since the turn of the century, it’s never offered domestic energy and so may not be a household name. But it does specialise in energy supply for SMEs, with a focus on renewables and tech that can help businesses cut their energy usage and costs. 

Who is SmartestEnergy? 

SmartestEnergy began life in 2001 as an aggregator of independent generation projects. This meant that it was in the business of bringing together providers who would be too small to participate in the markets individually.  

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Marubeni corporation – a huge Japanese trading and investment business with interests in everything from fashion to telecoms to energy – Smartest Energy is keen to promote net zero carbon emissions among businesses.  

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The Business Division of Smartest Energy supplies gas and electricity to SMEs. It also provides businesses with the products and tools they need to hit net zero targets, including smart meters and a web analyser service to help business owners better understand their energy consumption. What services does SmartestEnergy offer? 

SmartestEnergy provides gas and electricity to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).  

If you’re moving business premises, you can switch to SmartestEnergy. If your new business property needs a new connection, you’ll need to arrange this with your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO).  

Once you’ve sorted your supply, you’ll get a new MPRN for your gas meter, and new MPAN, KVA and meter phase type for your electricity supply. When you have these details, you can switch to Smartest Energy. 

SmartestEnergy also offers business energy smart meters to all customers. There’s also the option to manage your account online using the SmartWeb Online service. 

What tariffs and rates does SmartestEnergy offer? 

SmartestEnergy offers a range of gas and electricity tariffs to suit the needs of small businesses in all industries. 

  • SmartFix – This offers businesses the chance to lock in rates for one, two, three, or five years to help protect against future price rises.  
  • SmartTracker – A variable rate, three-year tariff that fixes prices for the first 12 months before reviewing costs against market prices every 12 months for the final two years. 
  • SmartPay – If your business uses a prepay meter, this fixes prices for up to three years to save up to 40% against competitor variable tariffs. 

Both SmartFix and SmartPay tariffs have a monthly fixed Direct Debit repayment plan to help you budget your business finances. SmartPay can be topped up online via SmartWeb, by phone, or via Direct Debit 

The rates and tariff type you’re offered when you switch to SmartestEnergy will depend upon your business and its current circumstances. Your contract will have a minimum period of supply, which could be up to five years, during which time you won’t be able to switch suppliers during this time.  

You can compare deals once your contract enters its switching window, which can be up to six months before your contract’s end date. Customers that renew with Bionic six months before their deal finishes could save you up to 20% compared to leaving it later. 

How to contact SmartestEnergy 

There are a couple of ways to get in touch with SmartestEnergy, including: 

SmartestEnergy supplies gas and electricity to businesses right across the UK. 

What are SmartestEnergy’s green policy and fuel mix? 

100% of the energy provided as part of the renewable products offered by SmartestEnergy comes from renewable generation and is backed with an origin certificate. SmartestEnergy’s renewable energy mix is as below: 

  • Thermal – 40.0% 
  • Wind – 23.9% 
  • Hydro – 19.5% 
  • Solar – 16.6% 

Some of the energy supply is supported by other sources, including coal, gas, and nuclear. Below is Smartest Energy’s latest fuel mix breakdown. 

Percentage of total 

Electricity that has been sourced from the following fuels: Electricity supplied by 
UK average (for comparison) 
Coal 0.8% 2.7% 
Natural Gas 9.3% 38.2% 
Nuclear 1.0% 16.1% 
Renewables 88.2% 40.3% 
Other 0.7% 2.7% 
Total 100.0% 100.0%   

The tables above show more details regarding the fuel mix for our products from April 2020 to March 2021. 

What is SmartestEnergy’s cancellation policy? 

As with all business energy contracts, there is no cooling-off period. This means that once you sign up for a commercial energy deal, you don’t have the option to cancel the contract. 

SmartestEnergy reviews 

We only work with a trusted panel of energy suppliers who offer great service and supply alongside competitive rates. 

Smartest Energy is rated 'Excellent’ on Trustpilot with an average of 4.3 stars. 

Of the 731 customer reviews left on Trustpilot, 72% are Excellent, 1% are Great, 3% are average, 1% are poor and 20% are Bad. 

It seems most people are happy with the level of service and communication when dealing with Smartest Energy. Customers who have complained about Smartest Energy have had trouble with billing and Direct Debits, as well as issues getting in touch with the customer service team. 

You can see for yourself on the Smartest Energy Trustpilot page

Smartest Energy FAQs 

Some of the most common questions from SmartestEnergy customers include: 

Who owns SmartestEnergy? 

SmartestEnergy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marubeni corporation, a huge Japanese trading and investment business with interests in everything from fashion to telecoms to energy. 

What renewable energy sources does SmartestEnergy use? 

SmartestEnergy’s renewable electricity is sourced from the following: 

  • Anaerobic digestion 
  • Biomass 
  • Hydro 
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) 
  • Thermal 
  • Waste 
  • Wind generation  

Do I get a smart meter with SmartestEnergy? 

SmartestEnergy offers a smart meter with all of its tariffs. This type of meter guarantees accurate billing and can also help you see how, when, and where you’re using the most energy so you can take steps to cut your consumption. 

Does SmartestEnergy offer a price guarantee? 

If your business is on the SmartTracker tariff and you find a cheaper price from another supplier during your annual market price review, SmartestEnergy will match it. If the offer can't be matched, you can leave without penalty. 

What is the SmartestEnergy Budget Plan? 

To help you budget and spread the total cost of your bill out across the year (instead of paying more in winter and less in summer) Smartest Energy will divide the cost of your estimated annual usage into 12 equal payments. Payments will then be taken on or around the same date each month. 

If you have any questions about SmartestEnergy that we’ve not covered here, you might be able to find the answer on the following FAQs pages: 

How to switch to SmartestEnergy 

SmartestEnergy is on the Bionic panel of trusted UK energy suppliers. This means our tech-enabled experts can help you switch to a SmartestEnergy tariff. 

The advantage of switching with Bionic instead of going directly to the suppliers is that we can compare quotes from right across our panel to make sure you’re getting the right deal from the right supplier.  

Although SmartestEnergy might be a good fit for your business, it could still pay to compare suppliers to see if you can get better rates elsewhere. We only need your postcode to run a business energy comparison, and our experts will talk you through the results to make sure you get our best deal. 

Alternatively, you can switch to SmartestEnergy by getting a quote from the website or giving the switching team a call.  

To compare business energy, give us a call on 0800 086 1459 or pop your postcode in the box on the right and we’ll give you a callback. 

And remember, we can help you with all your business essentials, including business insurance, and business loans, as well as business phone and broadband, and VoIP