Make It Cheaper has changed its name to Bionic®

We’ve changed our name to Bionic as we've revolutionised how businesses like yours get their business essentials sorted. Don’t worry! Your existing contracts are still valid, our renewal process doesn’t change and all our old contact details will still work.


For customer service or to retrieve an existing quote, call us on 0800 860 6833

Why we changed our name

Bionic is all about making it easier and faster to compare and switch business energy, business insurance, business connectivity and telecoms. We’re here to offer a helping hand and to create more opportunities for you and your business

All your business essentials in one place

We wanted to make it easier for you, so we’re now a one stop shop for all your business essentials, with more business services than ever before and all under one roof.

We’ve upgraded to a smarter service

We’ve given our agents new tech that means they can do the same amount of research for you, but faster. For example, the average call for a new customer to sort an energy contract has reduced from around 40 to just 7 minutes.

Expert advice for your business needs

We now have experts who can help you with business insurance, connectivity and energy. We understand while price is always important, you also care just as much about speed, convenience, clarity and trust.

We're here to offer a helping hand and to create more opportunities for you and your business

A message from our CEO

Our CEO Paul Galligan explains who we are and what we do


Why are we now called Bionic?

Bionic is a real word that means 'humans enhanced by technology' which we think nicely describes this new improved service.

Bullet Your questions about Bionic, answered

We’re changing our name for a few good reasons, all of which come from you, our customers.

Have you changed who you work with?

No, we still work with a vetted panel of high quality suppliers across business energy, insurance and connectivity. Although we plan to add more ‘business essentials’, starting with loans.

Did you sell the company, Make It Cheaper

No. We’ve simply changed our name to reflect the smarter service you asked for. We aren’t just about price (although that is still important) we use our tech-enabled experts to find exactly the right products for your business.

Are you still based in London?

Yes. Our office location is the same. You can call the same phone numbers or email the same old addresses, they’ll still work.

Who will emails come from now?

All customer service emails will come from But you can still email the same email addresses if you prefer.

What happens to all my existing contracts with you?

Don’t worry if your current contracts or policies say Make It Cheaper on them, they’re still valid. But next time you renew, or buy another product, the documents will say Bionic.

Do I need to re-sign my contract?

No, you don’t need to do anything. This won’t change your contract, nor will it affect your bill.

Is the renewal process still the same?

Yes. The renewal process is exactly the same.

Are you still cheaper?

Our ability to get you great deals hasn’t changed. We’re just going to get better and better at it, as we arm our experts with smart technology and continue to become more bionic.

Does this change what you sell?

We haven’t replaced any of our products, but we have added a new one. You told us you’re looking for a one stop shop for all your business essentials. So, we now have experts who help find the best business finance deals, on top of your business energy, insurance, broadband and mobile.