Bionic’s guide to multi-site meters and multi site energy management

Les Roberts, Senior Content Manager at Bionic
By Les Roberts, Senior Content Manager

If you run an energy-intensive business that requires more than one meter for gas and electricity,  or you operate across a number of different sites, you might have multiple energy contracts, with multiple contract end dates from multiple suppliers. All of which can eat into precious time that would be much better spent taking care of business.

Here’s all you need to know about multi-meter and multi site energy management, and how Bionic’s tech-enabled experts can help save you time and money when negotiating new energy contracts.

What’s the problem with having multiple meters?

In short, the more meters you have, the more contracts you need to renew or renegotiate to avoid rolling onto inflated rates. This means more renewal dates to keep on top of, more contracts to negotiate and more time spent on admin - you’ve got better things to do with your time than comparing gas and electricity rates for all your energy meters.

And that's where Bionic’s tech-enabled experts can help out - we offer a bespoke service for large, industrial and high energy consumption businesses, which can help take the hassle out of the energy switching process to save your business time and money. By assessing all your existing energy contracts and negotiating with our panel of trusted suppliers, we can find a new gas and electricity deal to suits the unique needs and budget of your business.

What is a multi-site energy contract?

A multi-site energy contract is simply one that covers the billing for more than one meter, whether at a single business premises or in multiple locations. 

What are the benefits of multi-site energy meters?

If you're wondering does your business need multi-site metering, consider the following.

If your business operates across more than one site, you’ll have multiple energy meters that could all be on different deals with different suppliers. The same could apply if you run a large business with a high energy demand of multiple energy meters across one site, such as in an industrial manufacturing plant.

In either case, switching to a multi-site energy deal could save you time and money - not only will it consolidate your energy rates and renewal dates into the one plan, it can also give you greater negotiating power, meaning suppliers might offer you preferential prices for combining all your plans into one manageable package.

Having one renewal date also means you’re less likely to lose track of when your current deal is due to end, meaning there’s less chance of you being rolled onto your supplier’s more expensive out-of-contract rates.

Say your business has 25 sites, for instance, the ideal scenario would be to have one supplier, bill and contract end date but getting to this point can be time-consuming - unless you let Bionic’s team of tech-enabled experts handle the switch for you. 

We’re experts in multi-meter and multi-site energy management, meaning we can find the best solution for your business in a fraction of the time it would take you to arrange the switch yourself. We do all the legwork for you with a free, impartial and completely bespoke comparison service, suited to the needs of your business.

We can negotiate exclusive business energy rates from our panel of trusted suppliers and can even take care of your next contract at renewal. All you need to do is give us the nod and we’ll automatically switch you onto the best available rates when your current deal ends.

For more information, give us a call on 0800 084 6164 or pop your postcode in the box on the right and we’ll give you a callback.

What are the different types of multi-site energy contracts?

There are no specific types of multi-site energy contracts. When you compare deals for multiple meters or multiple premises, we'll help you work out which is the best type of deal for your business and its circumstances.

There are several contract types available to business owners, including:

  • Fixed - You’re charged a set rate for every unit of energy (measured in kWh) you use. This rate is fixed for the length of your contract. This is a good way to protect against energy price rises, but you need to remember that this doesn't fix the price of your monthly bills , which will still go up and down depending upon your usage.
  • Variable - The rate you pay for the energy you use will fluctuate depending upon market activity. This means your bills could go up or down, even if you use the same amount of energy each month.
  • Blend and extend - Some suppliers will give you the chance to extend the length of your current contract with the same supplier, who will then reward your loyalty with lower rates.
  • Flex approach - This type of contract allows you to take advantage of favourable wholesale rates by buying your energy for the months or years ahead, usually when costs are low. 
  • Pass through - A pass-through tariff splits your bill in two between the wholesale energy costs, which is fixed, and the other elements that make up the unit rates, which vary. 

There are also two types of out-of-contract deal your business could find itself on:

  • Deemed - You'll be placed on deemed rates if you move into new business premises and don’t agree a contract. 
  • Out-of-contract - If you let an energy deal expire without arranging a new one, your current provider will continue to supply your energy but will roll you onto its more expensive out-of-contract rates.

Deemed and out-of-contract rates are usually a suppliers' most expensive, so it's important to make sure you sign up to a new deal before you start paying these rates.

You can find out more about the types of business energy deals in our guide to comparing business energy tariffs.

What businesses would benefit from a multi-site meter?

Any business that operates across more than one site can benefit from a multi-site meter, especially those that have numerous sites with a high number of gas and electricity meters. This could be a chain of shops with outlets across the country or a large industrial unit on one site but with a number of meters.

Speak to the tech-enabled experts at Bionic to find out if muti-site metering is the best option for your business.   

What if you have multiple tenants with different energy needs?

If you’re the landlord of a residential or commercial property that has multiple tenants, then you’ll need a multi-metering solution that caters for the different needs of each of them. In this instance, a sub-metering system might be the best fit.

A sub-meter system can be fitted to work under the building’s primary gas and electricity meters to monitor each tenant’s individual energy usage. 

These tenant meters can be installed in any multi-occupancy building to help you accurately split the energy usage for an individual flat, a retail unit, an entire floor of a commercial building or an independent site. You’ll then be able to provide tenants with accurate bills and monitor the effectiveness of any energy efficiency measures you’ve implemented.

What are the best multi-site meter rates?

As with any energy deal, the best multi-site meter rates for your business will be dependent upon a number of factors, including:

  • The size of your business
  • The number of staff you employ
  • How and when you use energy
  • The industry you operate in
  • Whereabouts in the UK you’re located.

Letting Bionic handle your energy switch is the quickest and simplest way to ensure your business is on the very best deal for business gas and electricity. We can also arrange a great deal on half hourly metering if your business energy usage demands you have an HH meter installed.

How Bionic can help manage your multi-site meters

Once our energy experts have the relevant information about your business energy needs, we’ll instantly compare deals from our panel of energy suppliers, which includes the Big Six suppliers alongside a range of smaller specialist energy firms - we only compare rates from suppliers who we know can offer exceptional service alongside competitive prices.

Once we’ve sourced our best bespoke gas and electricity quotes, we’ll show you your different pricing and contract options. If you decide to go ahead - whether this means grouping a multi-meter energy supply into one package or using a range of different suppliers for different meters – we’ll handle the rest of the switch for you, taking care of all the admin and helping you terminate your existing contracts.

As a large business customer, we’ll provide you with your own named account manager who will then act as your point of contact for the whole process, offering you consistency, clarity and peace of mind.

We’ll then continue to take care of your account even after your contract has begun – keeping you informed of your contract end-dates and proactively searching for the best business electricity and gas deals when your next renewal window opens.

With our help, you won’t roll onto expensive out-of-contract rates and you’ll no longer need to worry about renewal dates or have the hassle of negotiating new deals for your utilities - we’ll secure the best bespoke arrangement for your business.

To arrange bespoke multi-site energy management with Bionic, give us a call on 0800 084 6164 or enter your postcode in the box on the right and we’ll give you a callback.