Running a small business can feel like battling a strong headwind

But what headwinds are the UK's business owners most concerned about? Our exclusive survey reveals what is most holding SME's back.

The strongest headwinds for UK small businesses

Headwinds are challenges that business owners must overcome to keep things running smoothly.

Read our blog to see the Top 10 headwinds impacting small business owners.

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In our survey of 200 UK small business owners....

In our survey of 200 UK small business owners in June 2020. These are the headwinds they were most concerned about.

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How Bionic can help

While essential services like energy, insurance and broadband are only a relatively minor headwind, business owners will still spend on average 3.5 days a year getting them sorted*. We think it just shouldn't be that difficult.

Bionic’s tech-enabled experts will do the hard work for you, finding you the right deals on energy, insurance, broadband and loans. In a few minutes, you could save hundreds.

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