Bionic’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Bionic, we want to make sure your business essentials are sorted quickly and thoroughly, to help you save time and money. If you have any questions about our service or any aspect of your switch, our Customer Support Team is on hand to help.

Give us a call on 0800 158 5263 between 9am and 5.30pm from Monday to Thursday, or between 9am and 5pm if you call on a Friday. Or email us at any time at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

But before you get in touch, check out our FAQs below, where we answer those questions most commonly asked by our customers.

Bionic’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Account Manager not answering the phone?

It’s likely that your Account Manager is on the phone for 95% of their working day so don’t be alarmed if you can’t get through. If this is the case, simply call 0800 158 5263 to speak to our dedicated in house Customer Service Team and we’ll help to resolve your issue and let your Account Manager know you’ve been trying to get in touch.

I’ve never heard of Bionic so would’ve deleted the DIFY email. What should I do?

If you did miss the memo about the name change - and any subsequent correspondence, including your DIFY email - give our Customer Service Team a call on 0800 158 5263 and we’ll help sort things out.

What if my supply address is wrong?

When comparing energy deals, we want to help you save time as well as money - to cut the amount of form-filling you need to do, we use smart data to gather as much information as possible from the national database.

The trouble is, this information isn’t always as up to date as it should be. This is because the address that appears on the database could have been taken from your meter at any point during its lifetime - and some can date back 50 or more years!

In order to correct this, your current supplier has to send a request get the information on the national database amended. If your details aren’t correct, get in touch with your supplier to explain the situation.

When is my contract start date?

The quickest way to find out your contract start date is to check your Welcome Email (remember, it’ll be from Bionic).

I thought my contract was going to start earlier/ASAP?

Energy switches generally take around 30 days to complete, so you should work around that as a rough timeframe. You also need to consider that your new contract can’t actually go live until your current deal expires – even if you signed your new deal a number of months ago.

The reason it’s best to sign up to a new deal as early as possible is to avoid any price hikes and make sure you don’t miss your current deal’s renewal date – if you don’t renew on time, you’ll be automatically rolled onto your supplier’s more expensive rates.

Why does it take 30 days for a switchover?

The reason it takes around 30 days to move you from one supplier to another is down to the way the national database works. Suppliers have to submit a formal request to take over the meter, rather than pinching it overnight!

Can you submit my meter readings for me?

Yes! We are happy to get in touch with your supplier to give a meter reading on your behalf – please contact us on 0800 158 5263 or email

Can I cancel my contract?

Unfortunately business energy does not offer a cooling off period, so once your contract is signed, it can’t be cancelled.

BGL webchat is taking too long, can you help me?

Yes! We are happy to get in touch with British Gas Lite on your behalf – please contact us on 0800 158 5263 or email

Where is my EDF bill or welcome pack?

You can expect to receive your welcome pack anytime from now up to two days before your contract goes live – if you haven’t received it by the time your contract is live, please get in touch by calling 0800 158 5263 or emailing

EDF rates don’t match what I was sold, why is this?

Your energy agent likely gave you your energy rates with the discount, so this is why the numbers look different to what was explained on the phone. The rates shown on your documentation is a legal formality to ensure that you are aware of the physical rates applied on your contract, should you ever choose to cancel your direct debit this is what they default to.

Did you used to be Make It Cheaper?

Back in December 2019 we rebranded our business as Bionic - we felt this was a name more suited to our culture and proposition. Although we did send all our existing customers an email to explain, it looks like you might not have got the memo.

The good news is that the rebrand didn’t affect your contract at all, and no action was necessary at your end.

Does the energy price cap apply to businesses?

No, there is no price cap on business energy rates, it only applies to domestic rates. Business energy and household energy are different, this has largely to do with how energy is bought and sold, and the way contracts are drawn up.