The TOP 10 jobs MOST likely to get you on Love Island

Thousands of Brits are once again tuning in to watch a new group of hopeful new singletons head into the Love Island villa. 

As Iain Stirling’s comforting tones ring out across the nation, Bionic, the business comparison experts, wanted to find out which jobs can get you onto the Island and secure that jaw-dropping £50K. 

The top 10 jobs to get you on to the Island of Love

Four male and female Love Island contestants

Throughout the last six seasons, Brits have swooned over their favourite rigs and charming personalities. But, which roles can land you on the island of love? 

Bionic can reveal that a job in modelling comes in at number one, with 32 previous contestants entering on the back of a modelling background. Season eight's hopeful singletons have a 16% chance of getting on the island if they're camera-ready. Previous island arrivals with modelling as their profession were former Miss Great Britain Zara Holland, and Page 3 model Jess Hayes

In second place are the rig-ready tradies -17 singletons left their hammer and nails behind to step onto the beachy shores of Majorca. The tradie heartthrobs that came before were Alex Bowen, bad boy Terry Walsh, and Paul Knops

Coming in third are athletes - from boxing star Tommy Fury, to basketball heartthrob Ovie Soko, and surfing wonder Laura Crane, the Island has seen a total of 16 athletes looking for love. 

However, those working in farming, law, science, emergency services and even as influencers ranked as the top five least likely to get you on Love Island

RankJobNumber of IslandersChances (%)
4Hair & beauty158%
8Office worker95%
10Real estate84%

The jobs most likely to WIN you the £50K

Four male and female Love Island contestants

Since Love Island first aired in 2015, all couples have stuck to their hearts and shared the prize of £50,000. But, Bionic wanted to find what job roles could give you the best chance of winning that prize money. 

Being all-singing and all-dancing gives you a better chance than most, as 25% of the show’s winners have performers as their previous job title. The top Love Island job is held by Cara De La Hyde, Amber Davis, and Paige Turley - #WhoRunTheWorld? Girls! 

Barber Kem Cetinay and beauty therapist Amber Gill hold second place for the Hair and Beauty industry, giving hopeful singletons a chance to put down the scissors and step onto the beachy shores of Majorca. 

In third place are athletes, as 17% of previous Love Island winners have a sporting background, from the likes of professional cricketer Max Morley and professional rugby player Greg O’Shea. This was then followed by recruitment and tradies with an equal 8%. 

RankJobNumber of IslandersChances (%)
2Hair & beauty179%

*Performer includes dancers, singers and theatrical jobs

The jobs most likely to get you DUMPED from the Island

Four male and female Love Island contestants

Although you’re more likely to join the island of love if you’ve got a career in modelling, you’re also 17% more likely to get dumped no matter how camera-ready you are - 22 previous models have been dumped from the island over the last six seasons. 

In second place are the iron pumping PT’s, with 11 previous Love Island contestants being chucked. They were followed in joint third place by hair & beauty, office workers, and our team of  tradies. However, engineering, government, law, music, and scientists roles are least likely to get you sent packing from the island of love. 

RankJobNumber of IslandersChances (%)
3Hair & beauty97%
4Office worker97%
9Real estate65%



Bionic’s data analysts collated a list of Islanders from seasons 1 through the current participants of season 7, also noting their job titles and whether they were dumped, walked or won the show. These figures were then analysed to find the % chance of winning and % risk of being dumped from the island based on career.

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