5 ways you can use VoIP to boost your sales call leads

Tom Grange
By Tom Grange, Director - Connectivity Business

Clear communication is key to ensuring your business is booming. If you’re being held back by outdated and costly communications infrastructure, you’re limiting your potential to grow.  

Voice over Internet Protocol, known as VoIP, can help you streamline your communications and integrate the results into your broader sales and marketing strategies. VoIP is simply an internet-based telephone service, which means you can cut many of the costs and restrictions associated with traditional phone lines.  

VoIP offers some serious advantages for sales teams. It can automate sales calls, divert, track, and review to boost your leads with better data, more efficient processes and unified communications. 

5 tips for using VoIP to boost sales

If you’re selling over the phone and not using VoIP — or perhaps you’ve dipped your toe into the VoIP pool but aren’t getting the most out of it — then this guide is for you. 

1. Quickly save notes next to each lead

VoIP can link up with CRM systems, such as Salesforce, to capture all the details of any interactions with potential customers. It can create a transcript of each call, putting a stop to mixed messaging and customer frustrations of repeating information.  

Saving notes on each contact has huge benefits for your sales team. It allows you to keep up-to-date records in a readable format to help you nurture leads through your sales funnel. Purposefully engaging with your customers in this personal way helps to build a strong rapport and establish trust.  

By having relevant information saved on your interface, sales agents can also recount details of past interactions, which can delight potential customers. Even information around their interests can help you match personas with bespoke sales messaging, increasing your chances of success with a more personalised pitch. 

2. Review call statistics

Reporting is critical when it comes to increasing sales. With VoIP analytics, you can deliver high-impact statistics that give you a greater understanding of how your sales teams perform.  

Using a VoIP system also allows you to view call statistics in real-time, giving you additional insight for planning and performance. You can understand the average cost per call, measure the success of marketing strategy and ultimately increase the conversion rate of future leads by interpreting the data. 

You can also increase the productivity of your employees by implementing insight-led improvements. Staff resources can be planned and allocated by reviewing peak calls, call lengths, and how long it took to answer, all of which is shown in real-time using the VoIP system.

If there’s a surge in inbound leads, you can reassign some of the calls to staff who may be working elsewhere, allowing you to manage the increase in calls as they happen without compromising on customer service.  

3. Save time with quick-dialling

Often large call volumes are key to acquiring leads. Although dialling a number might seem just a few moments, those seconds quickly add up when you’re making hundreds of calls a day. Automating calls with VoIP saves valuable time. Not only does it eradicate human error, but a VoIP system will also automatically dial the next customer when the previous call ends. 

VoIP can also detect voicemails. When a call isn’t picked up, the system can leave a pre-recorded message and move on to the next call. Research suggests that the average sales rep leaves 70 voicemails a day, spending 25 hours a month talking to a machine: imagine claiming that time back! How much more efficient your sales teams could be with over an hour a day extra to work on more value-adding activities? 

4. Go mobile

A considerable amount of revenue is lost each year in calls missed by sales agents who are away from their desks or busy with other customers. But as VoIP employs digital technology, you aren’t limited by location.  

One of the enormous benefits of VoIP is mobile customer service. You don’t need a physical landline to operate it, leaving you and your staff free to work from anywhere using a VoIP handset or from a desktop or mobile device. All you need is an internet connection and you can do business wherever you are. When lines are busy, calls can be managed and redirected to other users or devices, regardless of location, ensuring you don’t miss a single lead or opportunity. 

5. Share the load between the team

One of the biggest benefits of using VoIP when selling over the phone is that it allows you to have multiple users on one system. All the information about a customer is available at the click of a button regardless of who makes the sales call. As it integrates with your other CRM systems you’re able to nurture collaboration across your team. 

The system is also able to distribute a call list across a team, actively making calls when agents are available and transferring between the team when needed. That way, it ensures an agent is ready with all the relevant information at hand when they answer. 

Discover how you can generate more sales with VoIP today

VoIP is a vital asset to a growing business making it easier to be adaptable and dynamic whilst allowing it to be scalable to meet the needs of an expanding team. Not only is it more effective and efficient: it’s cheaper too. Therefore, integrating a VoIP into your marketing strategy will reduce the cost of sales as well as boosting your revenue, maximising your profitability. 

Don’t get left behind. Take the pressure off and enjoy the benefits of VoIP technology. Speak to the Bionic team today to take your business communications to the next level.