Covea business insurance and unoccupied premises during coronavirus

David Woodfield
By David Woodfield, Insurance Director

Last updated June 25, 2020

Now the government has started to lift some of the lockdown restrictions, you might be able to re-open your business. On the other hand, you could be among those business owners who are still unable to reopen, maybe because of personal circumstances or because of the industry you work in.

Whatever your current circumstances, please read the following information to make sure you know exactly where you stand regarding your current Covea insurance policy and highlight some of the conditions you need to be aware of.

Even if you’ve already re-opened and your policy cover remains unaffected, we recommend you read over the statement of fact provided when you bought your policy, to make you can comply with the policy terms and conditions.

Please contact us if:

If you are allowed to open your premises, but you have decided not to do so for the time being, you will need to inform us of this as soon as possible. You don’t have to contact us if you’re shielding or for any of the other reasons detailed below.

You can contact us by either:

You do not have to contact us if:

If you are not allowed to re-open due to government guidelines (gyms, nail bars, massage and tattoo parlours etc.), you and your employees are shielding and cannot open, you are open and trading as normal or opening would be in breach of the Covid regulations, Covea will continue to provide full cover, provided you follow the risk management guidelines:

  • Waste – Remove all external waste, pallets and empty skips before closure of the Premises.
  • Waste bins – Empty all waste bins and move to a secure area, ideally at least 10 metres from the building. If it is not possible to keep at least 10 metres from the building then these bins should have locked lids.
  • Fire Systems – Ensure all fire and/or sprinkler systems remain fully operational.
  • Fire Doors – Check to ensure that internal fire doors are closed.
  • Building Utilities – Ensure all non-essential electrical devices and building utilities are turned off.
  • Inspections – Arrange for a weekly inspection of the building (internally and externally), risk assess for any lone working issues. Comply with existing Government guidance regarding vulnerable people and lone worker risk assessments. Consider the provisioning for alternative skilled personnel.
  • Physical Security – Check that physical security measures are in place and effective. For example, fences are fit for purpose and in good repair, windows are locked, shutters are in place, gates are locked.
  • Intruder Alarm – Set intruder alarms and ensure that the remote signalling is in place. Make sure there are enough key holders available to respond to an activation within 20 minutes.
  • Maintenance – As long as it is practical, continue essential maintenance and complete any remedial measures. Continue to respond to all Building Management Systems alerts.

You also do not to contact us if you are open and trading as normal. You can check your policy wording terms and conditions by referring to your welcome pack we sent you when you bought the policy.

We hope you, your employees and your business stay safe, and should anything change regarding the information above, we’ll be in touch.

For updated government advice please see here

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