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No one enjoys the process of looking for a fresh insurance quote. No doubt you assume it will become harder still when the insurance you need is related to the motor trade. Who has the time to spend ages on the phone, going through your details with different brokers, all to try and get the good deal you know is bound to be out there somewhere? And how can you be sure you have contacted the best sources?

Just as most standard comparision sites give you the chance to compare quotes from numerous sources in the regular insurance market, Bionic is being designed to provide you with quotes for all taxi insurance types - fast.

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From the basic third-party insurance cover through to a comprehensive deal, Bionic can assist you in finding the most competitive quotes around today. Whatever you need to give you and your customers’ peace of mind, Bionic is here to help. Our connections with numerous motor trade insurers and brokers mean you can cut down the amount of time it takes to get your new deal.

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