How to switch business broadband with Bionic

Tom Grange
By Tom Grange, Director of Connectivity

Why switch business broadband with Bionic?

The world of business moves fast. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to make the most of the cutting-edge technology on offer. At Bionic, we combine the best tech products and data with world-class human service to keep your business connected. 

If you haven’t switched your business broadband and business landline contract for a couple of years, then you’re probably paying too much money for too little speed.

That’s why we work with specialist business telecoms providers like Daisy to offer great value, high speed, fibre business broadband packages combined with tailored customer service for SMEs

When you compare business broadband with Bionic you can be sure you’re getting the speeds your business needs, with no unnecessary extras and no faff.

Here are more reasons to compare business broadband and switch with Bionic…

Fixed price promise, unlimited packages

We have exclusive deals with preferred suppliers who will never increase the price of your broadband and phone line during the life of your contract.

We only sell unlimited broadband packages and have special unlimited everything packages, so you never need to worry about being stung by overage charges.

Don't overpay for speed you don't need or won't get

Whilst we recognise that most businesses will benefit from Superfast and Ultrafast fibre, our agents will provide a tailored recommendation based on your needs.

We'll also check the actual speed you’ll receive at your premises, rather than relying on a supplier marketing headline.

Never be without a connection

We understand how important it is for you to stay connected. Whether it’s downloading the latest reports to share with clients or making sure you have enough bandwidth to take incoming calls on your VoIP system, we make it our top priority to keep your network speeds lightning fast so nothing interrupts your work.

Choose our optional 4G-powered WiFi hub and you’ll never be without a connection. Whether that’s while your new broadband is going live, or if there’s an outage, or when you have to travel away from your premises.

How to switch business broadband

Switching business broadband can be a real headache - do you know what download speeds you need? What about the upload speeds? Do you need Superfast or Ultrafast fibre? And what exactly is unlimited?

The good news is that the tech-enabled experts at Bionic will cut through the jargon to help you figure out exactly what type of connection and what upload and download speeds you need to keep your business connected. And we’ll have you switched in three simple steps:

  1. Tell us about your business broadband needs online - We use smart data to avoid you having to answer endless questions.
  2. We’ll speak to you to find the right broadband package - We’ll help you choose the right business fibre, landline and mobile phone products in a short call.
  3. You can leave the rest to us - If you decide to switch business broadband with Bionic, we’ll take care of everything for you, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

If you're setting up a new connection, we'll take care of everything for you. Your new provider will contact you to arrange the installation of your broadband connection and then, you're ready to go!

If you're switching your broadband connection, your new supplier might require a MAC (migration authorisation code) from you. To get hold of your MAC, you just need to call your current supplier and ask them for it. Once your new supplier has your MAC, they can proceed with the switch. In most cases, your new supplier won't require a MAC from you. If not, your new supplier will get in touch to let you know when your service will change over.

Will your connection be interrupted?

Many customers worry that their business broadband connection will be interrupted. In almost all cases, there is a seamless switch between the old and new broadband supplier. In cases where downtime cannot be avoided, your service will only be down for a couple of hours outside of business operating times.

To discover if you could save on your broadband package or if you have any further questions about setting up or switching your business broadband, give our tech-enabled experts a call today, or leave your postcode and we’ll get back to you.

Is it easy to swap broadband providers?

Although it may seem daunting to switch broadband providers, it's actually quite a simple process. The switching process depends on which provider you're switching to, what kind of broadband you currently have and what kind you are swapping to. Contact the provider you want to switch to in order to find out more details.  

What happens when you switch internet providers?

The process will be handled by your new provider. They will let you know when the switch will happen and if your business will experience any disruption or loss of internet. If you're only switching your broadband but keeping your phone line, then there should be minimal disruption.

How to become a Bionic business

Being a Bionic business is about more than simply getting a great deal on business energy, business connectivity or business insurance. It’s about working more intelligently using technology to empower your people - saving you time, money and increasing productivity.

Thousands of businesses like yours are already working smarter, and we’ve made it our mission to help others be Bionic.

So long as you’re a Bionic business, we’ll stay in touch to ensure you get the best deals, share the latest tech innovations to keep your business ahead of the rest, along with expert advice and stories from customers. To find out more, enter your postcode and business name at