The unique motor trade comparison site where you can compare your motor trade insurance quotes online without speaking to a broker.

What is Bionic?

Bionic evolved due to a frustration at not being able to get an instant motor trade quote online like all other insurance products. With instant prices displayed on screen without having to speak to numerous insurance brokers repeating your details over and over.

This frustration has now been turned on its head and resulted in a new exciting instant online quoting comparison site being created to cater for every occupation within the Motor Trade industry.

Bionic works alongside a panel of the leading top UK Motor Trade Insurers, our new bespoke quoting system will revolutionise how you buy your motor trade insurance in the future. Complete a simple online application form and receive your instant quotes from all the major motor trade insurers displayed on screen.

So whether you run a repair garage or a large dealership who requires a road risk policy or a tailored combined policy to cover premises. Perhaps you work as a mechanic, exhaust fitter, valeter, or a full time/part time car trader, you will now have access to instant online quotes.

Bionic's unique comparison service is almost here

We were told that such a site was too complex, but after months of tireless work we now have a working version of the platform which is now being rigorously tested...

Bionic is to launch its new revolutionary motor trade insurance comparison site later this year.

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