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We compare the core products that you need to ‘just work’ to keep your business going

How Bionic works

How Bionic Works

Find your details with smart data

No more long forms. All you need to start a quote is your business postcode and our tech-enabled team will find the info needed to run a comparison

How Bionic Works

We’ll do the comparison for you

We listen to your needs and compare what’s on offer from our panel of trusted suppliers to find the right deals for your business

How Bionic Works

We talk through your options with you

One of our tech-enabled team will talk you through your options and answer any questions. All you then need to do is pick your preferred deal

How Bionic Works

We’ll take care of the switch

We’ll then handle the rest of the switch for you. We’ll let your old and new suppliers know about the switch and keep you informed at every step

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Why compare business energy with Bionic?

High business energy bills can have a big impact on the operating costs of your business - comparing business energy rates and switching to a better deal is the simplest way to keep costs down.

The trouble is, business energy comparison can be a thankless task. If taking the time to ring around each supplier separately and compare rates wasn’t bad enough, if you need to compare both for gas and electricity, you’ll need to.

Even if you compare deals from multiple suppliers using a traditional business energy broker or price comparison website, the amount of form-filling you’ll need to do is enough to make your tax return seem appealing.

At Bionic, we do things differently. All we need is your business name and postcode and we’ll use smart data to get all the information we need to find the best business gas and business electricity deals from our panel of trusted suppliers. No more time wasted on unnecessary form-filling.

When the quotes are in, our tech-enabled experts will talk you through your options on a quick, screen-share call, and will take care of the whole switch once you’ve chosen the deal you like best.

We’ll even proactively search for the best rates when your current contract is coming to an end, meaning there’s no need to worry about renewals. No more overpaying for business energy.

And if you run a large business with a high energy demand, we have a dedicated team to help you switch and save money.

Why compare business insurance with Bionic?

Every business needs insurance cover - from the sole trader who’s just starting out, to the blue-chip business that’s been going for years. Nobody knows what’s just around the corner. But with so many different types of insurance policy available to cover all kinds of risks, it’s important to understand exactly what your business needs and doesn’t need.

Unlike some business insurance brokers, we don’t want to fob you off with any old cover. At Bionic, we want to make sure your policy covers you against all the risks.

That’s why our business insurance team works with you to cut through the jargon and find the right type and correct level of cover to protect your business. We also work closely with a panel of trusted business insurance providers for cover that meets your exact needs, with no hidden costs and no unnecessary extras.

Why compare business phone and broadband with Bionic?

Fast and reliable connectivity is essential for all businesses, from the busy office workers who rely on ultrafast broadband to the tradesperson who relies on VoIP to cover their calls while they’re on the move. But with so many options available, it’s hard to know where to start.

Unlike other brokers and business comparison websites, we won’t simply show you a page full of deals and hope for the best. Bionic’s team of tech-enabled experts will cut through the jargon and work with you to tailor a connectivity package to suit the unique needs of your business.

Whether you want to bundle your business landline and broadband or find the best business SIM-only deal, we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution to keep you connected.

Why switch business essentials with Bionic?

Although the name ‘Bionic’ might be new to you, we’re no strangers when it comes to business comparison - since 2007, we’ve helped more than 200,000 British businesses cut their costs by switching energy, insurance and broadband.

We used to be called Make It Cheaper, but we changed our name to Bionic to reflect how we’re disrupting business comparison by changing the way businesses like yours get their essentials sorted. Bionic means 'humans enhanced by technology', and we think this perfectly describes the improved service offered by our tech-enabled experts.

To find out more about our Bionic broker service, check out the guide to how our service works. When you compare business essentials with Bionic - whether business energy, insurance, broadband, phone, or finance - you can be sure of a quick and thorough comparison that combines smart technology and human expertise for maximum efficiency. And when you’ve decided on the deal that suits you best, we’ll handle the rest of the switch for you, to save you time and money.

Bionic takes care of business comparison. You take care of business.

Business essentials FAQs

To help you understand more about switching business essentials with Bionic, here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What are business essentials?

Business essentials are those critical products and services that help keep your business running from day to day - energy, insurance, connectivity and finance. We take care of business comparison. You take care of business.

What is a Bionic business?

We believe that Bionic businesses are effective, smart and savvy. They use the latest technology and business services to empower their people, reduce costs and increase business productivity. To find out more, check out our customer stories.

How does Bionic make money?

The commission we receive from providers is included in the price you pay. This pays for our service, including comparison, switch management, customer service and renewals. Our service is completely transparent and we always let you know the exact commission we would earn from your new contract. If you need any further details, please email

How much money will I save when I switch business energy with Bionic?

The amount you save will depend upon several factors, including the type of energy deal you sign up for, the amount of energy you use and how you use it. The size and location of your business will also have a bearing on your energy costs. It will also depend on what rates are being offered on the day you sign your new contract. Remember, although you may be able to sign a new contract up to 11 months before your current one ends, it won’t go live and you won’t pay the new rates until your current contract expires.

How much money will I save on business insurance with Bionic?

The amount you save will depend upon the individual circumstances of your business, including its size and location. Remember, making sure your business is completely covered against all the risks is faces is the most important consideration when taking out business insurance.

How much money will I save on business connectivity with Bionic?

Business connectivity is all the things that keep your business connected, including phone, broadband, VoIP and mobile. Businesses who switch business phone or broadband with Bionic can save money on their annual bills.

How can Bionic help me find business finance?

The Bionic business finance team compare hundreds of lenders, including high street banks, challenger banks, and alternative lenders, and use smart tech to match you with the right business finance solution.

Why should I switch business essentials with Bionic?

At Bionic, we want to do the best for your business, whether that means switching you to a better deal on business essentials, finding you the best possible finance solution, or offering information to help you run your business more efficiently. We’re completely independent and we always seek the best outcomes for our customers.

If you’ve any questions about any area of our service, you should be able to find the answers here.