Vehicle Sales

Vehicle sales insurance is a vital component of the vehicle trading business. While some do it as a side line and others work full time in this business, everyone needs reliable insurance to cover all possible eventualities. If something goes wrong, something is stolen, or someone is injured while visiting your business, your insurance policy needs to be good enough to cover everything you need it to. The alternative could be very costly.

Many car traders believe that car sales insurance quotes take ages to find. If you go down the traditional route of ringing up brokers and insurers direct, then yes, it can take a long time to cover that ground.

But if you go the Bionic route, you’ll find things can go far more swiftly.

Vehicle sales insurance policy cover :

  • Cover for high value and performance vehicles
  • Cover available for full and part time dealers
  • Public & employers liability
  • Garage stock cover
  • Road risk or goods in transit
  • Multiple drivers covered
  • Cover for tools owned by your business or employees
  • Specialist Traders welcome
  • Sales & service indemnity insurance
  • Modern Classic and Classic vehicle, with full cover for vehicles over 30 years old
  • New ventures - no Bonus? No problem!

Impartial, free, and easy to use

Isn’t that everything you could ever want from a price comparison site? Many traders assume there is no such thing as a price comparison site for car sales insurance quotes. That was true a while ago, hence why Bionic decided to do things differently.

You can now use our tailored, specialist price comparison site to find competitive quotes from numerous insurers within the motor trade industry. They have experience providing insurance for vehicle traders working part-time from home, as well as larger traders with premises and multiple vehicles available for sale. Whatever size or scale of policy you need, Bionic can help you get the quote you’ve been searching for.

Could you save money on your car sales insurance?

Many people have already saved money using our service to find a competitive and convenient car sales insurance quote. Could you do the same? It will only take a few moments to find out. Put down the phone, grab a coffee, and take a minute to complete our simple, streamlined, secure online form.

Once it is complete and correct, simply submit it through our online system and wait for your quotes to appear. You can review them all online – no phone calls, no delays, no being put on hold. If you spot the car sales insurance deal that suits you, you can accept it online too.

Bionic offers you the chance to buy your next policy for your motor trade business just as easily as you renew your own personal car insurance. Don’t believe us? Try us today – it costs nothing to find out how practical and time-saving our service is.