Vehicle Delivery

As a car trader, delivering a vehicle to the customer is part of the job. It also means you’ve successfully completed a sale. While the journey from your premises to the customer’s residence may only be a few minutes long, it’s vital to make sure you are properly insured to drive the vehicle during that time.

Vehicle delivery insurance will cover you for using your trade plates on the vehicle during appropriate periods. Since the vehicle may not be registered or taxed during that time, the insurance must cover this. Fortunately, vehicle delivery insurance quotes are now easier to find than ever before. Bionic makes the difference you’ve been looking for.

Vehicle Delivery insurance policy can cover :

  • Buying, selling, delivery and collection of vehicles
  • Goods in transit
  • Damaged vehicle
  • Property like buildings, tools & equipment
  • Business Interruption
  • Public Liability
  • Employers' Liability
  • Third party bodily injury
  • Cover against loss by dishonesty of employees
  • Cover your recovery truck
  • Full road risk delivery, delivery by trailer, delivery by transporter

Find your ideal vehicle delivery insurance policy today with our help

Do you visualise looking for motor trade insurance and personal insurance in different ways? Maybe you associate your own personal insurance needs with a quick look on a price comparison site before clicking through and buying the policy you need. Conversely, buying vehicle delivery insurance for your business means enduring lots of long phone calls, going over all the same details time and again.

Well, that may have been true. Now, you can try the Bionic way to find a vehicle delivery insurance quote you can trust. If you’re familiar with filling in one form to find quotes on other insurance types, you’ll recognise the process we’ve adopted here.

Could you save on time, money, and headaches?

You may have experienced problems with all three in the past while looking for vehicle delivery insurance quotes. Not any more though – now, you can fill in our form, get on with running your business, and wait for the motor trade insurers to come back to you with their best quotes. It’s then up to you to review them and consider which one would be ideal for your needs. You can even see if they allow monthly payments and whether you could save by purchasing the policy upfront.

It’s that easy. Move vehicles with confidence, knowing your new policy covers you for all eventualities. Hopefully, you’ll never have cause to make a claim, but if you do it’s good to know you are covered for everything. Whether you’re new to the industry or well-established, get a quote via Bionic today to look for the best deal you can get. One form, a few minutes, and no cost to you. That’s the Bionic way.