Every car looks better when it has been professionally valeted. Many businesses are now established across the country, providing drop-in valeting services to passing motorists. It’s a profitable business, with plenty of opportunities to earn repeat custom.

All good valeters know the importance of proper valeter insurance. However, some stick to generic policies that don’t provide the scale of cover they need. If you’ve been put off by the complexity of finding a decent valeter insurance quote, allow us to introduce you to a better way of finding one.

Valeter insurance policy can cover :

  • Mobile valeter
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Damage to vehicle worked upon
  • Multiple drivers
  • Sales & Service Indemnity
  • Business Interruption
  • Stock & money held
  • Valeters from a premises
  • If you work in a public area such as a gym, supermarket and private and public car parks
  • Employers' Liability
  • Public Liability Cover can be included in your policy quotation

How can you find the best valeter insurance quotes with Bionic?

Bionic by name, bionic by nature? You could say that. We believe our online price comparison service can match you with specialist insurers providing knowledgeable and comprehensive valeter insurance cover. Some better-known insurers either don’t provide the cover you need, refusing to even consider you, or offer more generic policies that don’t suit your business.

That often leaves people just like you with the unenviable task of ringing up numerous companies, often being turned down once they get to speak with someone. Time wasted that could be spent growing your business. It’s frustrating.

It’s also the reason why we decided to build a price comparison site based around motor trade insurers. If you need valeter insurance today, complete our form and submit it online now. You’ll get free and instant access to our bank of specialist insurers, ready and waiting to provide you with quotes for just the kind of policy you need.

How much could you save?

There is only one way to find out. However, you will find every valeter insurance quote you receive clearly understands the nature of your business. Legal expenses, accidental damage, public liability, products liability… all these vital elements can be built into your cover.

We’ve designed our form to cover all motor trades, too. That means you don’t need to spend ages looking for the right form to complete. There’s just one. Fill it in today and you will soon receive several quotes to view on your computer or mobile device. That’s it. It takes less time than you’d spend valeting one car.

For affordable insurance that covers every aspect of your valeting business, no matter how big or small, use Bionic today. It’s the fastest way to renew or to find a new policy. Now you know why we’re called Bionic.