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Business Broadband & Phoneline

Get ready for the digital switchover

Future-proof your business with a free Connectivity Health Check from Bionic. We’ll make sure you have the right solutions for a smooth switchover.

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What is the digital switchover?

The old, analogue copper phones wires are getting disconnected and will be completely cut off by 2025. If you want to keep your landline and any other systems (intruder and fire alarms, for instance) that are connected to the old system, then you’ll need to make the switch to digital.

You can find out more in our guide to the digital switchover.

Analogue landline cut off by 2025
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What’s that got to do with business broadband?

Switching to digital means you’ll be using an internet connection to make calls instead of the analogue phone system. Having ultrafast, FTTP broadband means faster connections and better call quality.

We work with a panel of trusted UK business broadband providers to make sure you get the right speeds at the right price.

Why get a Connectivity Health Check from Bionic?

Our experts will let you know the best way to keep your phone line connected, along with other linked systems like intruder and fire alarms. We’ll also explain how switching to digital calling will modernise your business and how you handle customer calls.

Our Connectivity Health Check is completely free and there’s no obligation to switch.

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