Private Hire

Many people work as minicab drivers either on a full-time or part-time basis. For some, it may be a second line of work alongside another job. At Bionic, we provide a private car hire insurance quotes system to suit all those who work in this industry. No need to jump through hoops or explain how and when you work – just complete our easy-to-use form online now and you’ll be close to receiving the quotes you are looking for.

Why buy private car hire insurance through Bionic?

If you’ve bought quotes along these lines before, you may recall the many phone calls, explanations, and information you needed to give to get those quotes. Why is it so difficult and time-consuming to buy private car hire insurance when you’re in the motor trade?

Our answer is that it doesn’t need to be. Bionic was created as a quick and convenient solution to the drawn-out task of phoning around looking for private car hire insurance quotes. Most people now go online to get quotations for many other forms of insurance. So, why should anyone who drives for a living still be made to go the long way around?

The answer is they shouldn’t. You can try the new, easy, and smart way to secure your next private car hire insurance policy by trying our service today. No need to speak with a broker, no need to wait ages to get quotes, no need to deal with being on hold for ages when you should be working. How easy does that sound?

Is today the day you’ll get a competitive private car hire insurance quote?

Complete one easy form and sit back and wait to recieve your quotations. No need to make lots of different calls to lots of different insurers, saving you time and hassle.

Don’t waste time phoning brokers when you could be driving and earning a living. Use Bionic instead and find out why other drivers wouldn’t choose anyone else to help them with their insurance needs. Try us once and we think you’ll want to come back again next year. If you want a quote now, you know what to do.