Other Professions

The Motor Trade industry are very diverse, and not all businesses would fall under the main categories of mechanical repair, car sales etc. At Bionic we can cover and offer instant online quotations for many more motor trade professions, a few specialised occupations and what we cover are listed below.

Bionics brokers can cover other occupations such as below :

Accessory Fitter Insurance :

  •   Wide ranging and accommodating.
  •   From vehicle security to modifications to disabled vehicles.
  •   From sound systems to vehicle customising.
  •   Tinted windows, neon lights, body-kits.
  •   Vehicle interior upholstering.
  •   New ventures - no Bonus? No problem!
  •   Multiple occupations can be covered under one policy.

Vehicle Assessor Insurance :

  •   Vehicle engineers and or assessors.
  •   Ideal for crash inspections, vehicle assessments and valuations.

Repossession Agent Insurance :

  •   Bailiff and collections work.
  •   Forced recovery available.
  •   Cover for the repossessed vehicles whilst in custody and control.

Import & Export :

  •   Import and export vehicles to and from Europe and Worldwide.
  •   Self-employed or a large firm.
  •   High value stock can be insured.
  •   Sales, collection, movement, storage and recovery of vehicles.
  •   Breaking and selling of parts.