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What is Courier insurance?

Is your van and cargo essential to your business? Ensuring you have the right type of cover in place in the event of loss, theft or damage to your vehicle is a must and could make all the difference should the unexpected happen.

Courier insurance is designed to tackle the unique risks that couriers face, you need an insurance policy that is as robust as you and the service you deliver. As couriers you often transport valuable items or packages for you clients, and will spend more time on the road than your average driver. This means you are more at risk of having an accident or damaging a parcel in transit, which standard insurance policies do not cover. Courier Insurance is a specialised policy, tailored to your individual needs to protect you as a courier, as well as your van and its goods.

Why you should take out Courier Insurance?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to their Courier Insurance, that’s why at Bionic we search to find a tailored policy to suit your needs. Ensuring that you are provided with specialist cover with optional extras such as goods in transit and liability insurance to cover you against any eventuality.

Our extensive panel of brokers specialise in a number of niches motoring products, including Courier Van insurance, Goods in Transit and Public Liability Cover. Bionic does the hard work and compares premiums for you, so that you receive the highest levels of cover at the lowest premiums available in the UK.