Do you need combined insurance for your work in the motor trade? It depends on the work you undertake. Combined policies are designed for those who work out of dedicated premises, rather than working from home. If that’s you, you will require combined insurance to cater for the premises, the vehicles, and other aspects of your business as well – hence the name.

You may already know combined policies can be pricier than basic ones. That makes it even more important to check as many insurers as you can. You want the best price for the best cover. That’s where Bionic comes into play.

Is it possible to use a price comparison site to find combined insurance quotes?

In the past, the answer would have been no. That was before we developed our service – free and easy to use and designed to help you save both time and money.

If you want combined insurance for your business, you need to be sure you’re getting cover that will protect your premises, the vehicles you buy, sell, or fix, and your employees and customers too. No wonder it can be one of the most complex policies to arrange.

But if you’re resigned to spending hours on the phone repeating your details to numerous insurers, some of whom may not even consider you, don’t worry. The Bionic way will soon become your preferred way to seek out a combined insurance quote with ease.

Try our method today for fast, easy access to great quotes

How easy is it to find your next quote? As easy as filling in a form. We’ve provided you with one form to complete, which is then sent to numerous specialist insurers who deal with policies relating to the motor trade. You’ll then receive several combined insurance quotes in return.

There’s no hassle, no hard sell, and no time wasted. Your quotes will either be displayed online, just as they are when you’re looking to renew any other type of insurance via a price comparison site, or off-line and given over the phone. In future, whenever you need to renew your insurance, you’ll think the Bionic way. Your time is better spent on your business and serving your customers. Let us serve you with our free online comparison system, so you can see how easy it is to find competitive quotes you’ll love.

Cover everything you need to today and make sure your business is protected to the degree it should be.