Car Body Shop

While most cars need mechanical repairs or replacement parts from time to time, some might also need repairs in other ways. Sometimes an accident can create damage to the bodywork, while the car itself is still in perfect working order. Everything from the smallest scratch to the largest dent can often be repaired by a car body shop, to the relief of many a car owner.

If you run such an enterprise, you’ll need car body shop insurance to cover your business for all the possible scenarios that might occur. There are policies available to cover full-time businesses run from dedicated premises, as well as those working part-time from home. Car body shop insurance can extend into several connected areas too, such as covering the equipment used for the job. You might also want to get cover to protect the wellbeing of clients who visit your premises.

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Cover your spraying equipment, your premises, your vehicles, and everything else you need to make sure your business is protected. Our specialist insurers understand the ins and outs of your business. If you complete our form today, you can be sure of saving time when looking for the ideal quote. Chances are, you could well save some cash too. Wouldn’t that be nice?