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Why compare business broadband with Bionic?

Technology moves fast, so if you haven’t switched your business broadband and business landline contract for a couple of years, then you’re probably paying too much money for too little speed.

Bionic’s tech-powered business connectivity and telecoms experts can help you work out what speed you actually need to do business, and then find the best business broadband provider and deal.

We work with specialist business telecoms providers like Daisy who might not be well known to residential customers but offer great value great value, high speed, fibre business broadband and business landline packages combined with a tailored customer service for SMEs.

Get your Bionic business essentials sorted, and compare the latest connectivity and telecoms deals from our panel of trusted providers, today!

How to compare business broadband deals with Bionic

Do you need Superfast or Ultrafast fibre? Broadband can be confusing, but our tech-enabled experts can help you figure it out.


Tell us about your business broadband needs online

Tell us about your business. We use smart data to avoid you having to answer endless questions.


We’ll speak to you to find the right broadband package

We’ll help you choose the right business fibre, landline and mobile products in a short call.


You can leave the rest to us

If you decide to switch business broadband with Bionic, we’ll take care of everything for you, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Difference between a business broadband and broadband and phone line bundle?

Business connectivity is about more than upload speeds and download limits, so if technology is important to how you do business, then a business phone and broadband package can offer you a cost effective way to stay connected using different technologies.

Having the same provider for your business broadband and phone lines means you still get all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a business broadband deal, but with the added benefits of dedicated business phone numbers, additional landlines and priority customer support.

A combined business phone and broadband package isn’t for everyone, but a quick chat with Bionic’s connectivity experts will help you decide whether one of our broadband and phone deals offers the right solution for your business.

Should you use small business broadband or home broadband?

If you run a business from home, you might be wondering whether it’s worth getting a business broadband connection or just sticking with a residential package.

While you might get what seems like similar advertised speeds, a business connection brings several benefits that we think are essential for any SME:

  • Prioritised customer service and business-specific service-level agreements
  • More reliable download speeds and better upload speeds
  • A static IP address (making your connection more reliable)
  • Enhanced security
  • Access to additional phone services, including VOIP

If this all sounds like gobbledygook, then Bionic’s connectivity experts can translate it all into plain English and figure out whether a small business broadband deal is the best option for you.

How Bionic makes business broadband simple

We take the uncertainty and complexity out of connectivity. We help you choose the right provider and package, and make it super-simple with our price promise.

Unlimited broadband and landline call bundles

As standard, all of our broadband packages are unlimited, giving you peace of mind that you’ll never run out of data.

    Great value Superfast and Ultrafast fibre deals

    Our experts help to future-proof your business by keeping you up-to-date with the latest tech, including 5G mobile and Ultrafast broadband speeds (350Mbps)

      Get it sorted in a short call with a connectivity expert

      Tell us about your business needs online. Then one of our connectivity experts will help you choose the right products and deals in a short call.

        Get a quote for business connectivity

        Get a quote for business connectivity