Breakers and Salvage

Is motor trade insurance among the most challenging of areas to find a decent policy for? Many in the motor trade would agree. Vehicle breakers are likely to agree thanks to the increased regulations applied to this business.

However, while breakers and salvage insurance can be a challenge to find, it doesn’t need to be impossible. In fact, if you know where to look, you’ve got the potential to save time, money, and hassle by looking in just one place.

That place is here. Bionic could change the way you look at getting breakers and salvage insurance quotes from now on. If you hate the thought of the hard work that often goes into getting reasonable breakers and salvage insurance you can afford, things are about to change for the better.

Breakers insurance policy can cover :

  • Sales, collection, movement, storage and recovery of vehicles
  • Buildings
  • Road risks
  • Garage stock cover
  • Road risk or goods in transit
  • Office content & other equipment
  • Public & employers liability
  • Breaking and selling of parts

Use our online price comparison service free today

Did you think price comparison sites were only available for individuals? It’s long been easy to find car, home, bike, pet, and holiday insurance online. Motor trade insurance, though? Not so much.

Until now. Bionic was designed to make it just as easy to find breakers and salvage insurance quotes as it is to insure anything in your personal life. How refreshing. We’ve partnered with insurers who work in the motor trade and understand the specifics of your business. You can deal with insurers and brokers who already provide countless breakers and salvage insurance policies to those in the same trade as you.

Take a few minutes now to find your next breakers and salvage insurance quote

Bionic makes the online quotation process easier than ever before for anyone in this industry. Our form is tailored to your needs, so you can complete it quickly and easily before submitting it securely via our website. You can then get on with your business and wait for the quotes to come rolling in. Proper, accurate quotes you can trust. Review each one and find out which specialist insurer is the best for you and your business situation.

There is never any charge to use our comparison service. You’ll receive an annual or monthly price for most policies, and you can accept the one that provides suitable cover online. When you get your insurance the Bionic way, you’ll never want to do it any other way in future.

If you’re a vehicle breaker or you own a salvage business, try our easy quotation service today. It could be the best way to get insured you’ve ever been able to try.