Make It Cheaper re-brands as Bionic

by Paul Galligan on January 27th 2020

  • Make It Cheaper, the third party intermediary, has relaunched as Bionic, creating a one-stop shop for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to sort their business essentials.

    Why has Make It Cheaper become Bionic?

    Since 2007, Make It Cheaper has served SMEs from across the UK, helping businesses from all industries and walks of life save time, money and hassle to find the best business energy, insurance and telecoms deals.

    As the UK’s SME population has continued to grow – to 5.8m SMEs and rising – critical local support structures such as bank branches and local government initiatives have continued to decline, leaving business owners up and down the country with no one to turn to for help or guidance.

    Business essentials – the products and services necessary to operate a business – for SMEs have also become increasingly complex, giving rise to an average of 3.5 days of lost productivity and increasing sense of frustration among small business owners.

    Price comparison websites are often the best answer available and Make It Cheaper has played a big part in powering this, but these sites only work for those SMEs willing and able to take control themselves – not something that is always possible or easy to do.

    Bionic is aiming to make it radically easier for ALL SMEs to sort out their business essentials, allowing them to save time, money and frustration. Make It Cheaper was a good start, but businesses wanted more, which is why Make It Cheaper has transformed its offer and become Bionic.

    What is Bionic?

    Bionic is a one-stop shop for SMEs to sort their business essentials, with tech-enabled experts who work with businesses to find the right providers and products for their particular needs.

    Paul Galligan, Chief Executive of Bionic, said: “We want to be a beacon of hope for smaller businesses up and down the UK, the lifeblood of the British economy and a group that we know are struggling to tackle the growing admin mountain.

    “We want to be the no-brainer brand for SMEs, the first port of call when things get tough. More than that, we want to help SMEs become bionic businesses - more agile, customer-focused and digital, so they can prosper and enjoy business life, not just get by.”

    About Bionic

    Bionic is the UK's leading SME services platform, helping businesses across the country to get the best deals and services across energy, insurance, telecoms and finance.

    More information about Bionic can be found here

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