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Business phone and broadband are different to at home. Let Bionic help your business get the service and speed it needs.

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If your connection slows down at home, then Netflix might buffer a bit and annoy everyone. But if it slows down at your business, it could lose you a sale and a customer. A business broadband account comes with priority support when you need it.

Keep your landline running

You might not have used your home landline in years, but your business might still rely on a landline to answer and transfer customer calls. When the current copper wire network gets switched off, you’ll need VoIP, which makes voice phone calls through an internet connection.

Enhanced security

Stay in control

While your home broadband connection is fine for streaming films and video games, you might need something a bit more pacy to run specialist software or multiple phone lines at your business. Business broadband deals can offer things like a static IP and enhanced security.

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When you compare broadband and phone lines with Bionic, tell us your needs and how you want to work, and we’ll make sure you get the right set-up for the right price. Your phone numbers will stay the same, you’ll get our fixed price promise, and we’ll support you through the switch.

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